Gecko Bar

Located at 3rd floor, Gecko bar is perfect for people who want to relax without going outside

Medicinal Herb Bath

A famous traditional treatment of local people to refresh your body. Find it on the second floor of the hotel

Fansipan peak

Tourists can choose between trekking or using cable car to explore the highest peak of northern Vietnam

Ham Rong mountain

Enjoy the fresh air and stunning panorama view of Sapa hidden in the mist from the mountain

Muong Hoa valley

Ancient rock beds with many different engraved images, intermingled with grasses and terraced fields of ethnic minority people

Silver waterfall

Falling down from 200m into the stream below O Quy Ho valley, creating impressive mountain sound

Sapa Old Church

Built in 1895 by stone, it is considered to be one of the oldest French architectural landmarks

Cat Cat Village

Belong to Mông ethnic minority, the village still preserves many traditional crafts such as cotton, linen, weaving ...

Ta Phin Village

Belong to Dao Đỏ people, this village is famous for their medicinal herbs bath which can cure many diseases

Bac Ha market

A place to sell all products of the uplands, the essential items for ethnic people: plows, hoes, shovels, knives of vegetables, fruits, honey

Cán Cấu

Once a week, in the Saturday morning, ethnic people gathering together to sell only one product: Buffalo

Sapa market

Everything is normal in the morning. But in the night, people come and sit together, sing together to find their lover