Sapa Summit Hotel offers 68 rooms with minimum 20 square meters each, divided into 4 types: Superior, Deluxe, Executive and Summit Executive Triple Balcony. Most of rooms bring to the sense feeling of relaxation with wide windows or private balcony opens to the peaceful garden and valley.

Room Type Quantity Area (m2) Locations Triple set-up View Balcony
Superior 10 20 – 25 1st & 2nd Floor 7/10 6/10 No
Deluxe 43 20 – 25 2nd-3rd-4th-5th Floor 31/43 v 10/43
Executive 13 22 – 27 3rd-4th-5th Floor 10/13 v v
Summit Executive 02 28 4th & 5th Floor v v v

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With only 2 rooms, Summit executive is a special room class which can seduce any tourist at the first glance by its charming beauty. Inspired by the luxury lifestyle, Summit executive is designed such elegant, but still make tourists feel cozy and comfortable. And it is very suitable for a small family. Want to living like royal, choose this room!


10 beautifully appointed superior rooms provide all the necessary amenities. Big windows look out to hotel’s garden and local street, very quiet and comfortable


Suitable for most of the guests, 43 deluxe rooms give out a very good choice. 25-square-meter come with a spacious private balcony opens to the valley down below, deluxe room brings to the sense feeling of relaxation.


15 inspirational executive rooms are well arranged with a host of contemporary, modern facilities in 28-square-meter. All rooms include a large private balcony and big window displaying spectacular mountain view.


Single Rooms Double Rooms
Week days Superior Rooms 1.200.000 vnd 1.300.000 vnd
Deluxe Rooms 1.350.000 vnd 1.450.000 vnd
Executive Rooms 1.550.000 vnd 1.650.000 vnd
Summit Executive Rooms 1.850.000 vnd
Week ends Superior Rooms 1.300.000 vnd 1.400.000 vnd
Deluxe Rooms 1.450.000 vnd 1.550.000 vnd
Executive Rooms 1.650.000 vnd 1.750.000 vnd
Summit Executive Rooms 1.950.000 vnd