Foreigners share about the tips to go to Sapa markets

Sapa Market is still a hive of colourful activity outside with fresh produce, a butcher’s section not for the squeamish and hill-tribe people from surrounding villages heading here most days to sell handicrafts.

Markets are the places of gathering all the ethnics in Sapa come to sell and buy any kind of good. The way to recognize the costume, bargain and visit… in some markets are shared in detailed by foreigners on Goasean travel magazine of ASEAN. These are 5 markets with tips for you.

Famous markets in Sapa

Coc Ly market

On every Tuesday, Coc Ly market are crowded with Meo, Dao Den, Nung and Tay ethnics gathering together. What makes Coc Ly special is colorful traditional costume of the ethnics.

All the goods in this market are not very various but you will be attracted by handicraft stalls of the local people. And the goods here are quite cheap, the same as other small markets.

Bac Ha market

What’s more, you can find any good you want for daily life, even buffalos. If you are lucky, you will meet bird-lovers are showing their birds.Nowadays, Ba Ha market has been commercialized because it is the largest market in Sapa. This market is an ideal destination to visit in a short time. This is the gathering place of most of all ethnics living in Sapa, especially H’mong people.

Lung Khau Nhin market

Going to Lung Khau Nhin market, you will have the chance to talk to the ethnics. Although the costumes of these ethnics are not colorful as Dao Den or H’mong, talking to them is such a great experience.The special thing of Lung Khau Nhin market is that it is not a market zone, it is along the street. From Sapa, you cross Tram Ton Pass, the highest Vietnam road which is 1,900m high. Depending on the climate, you will feel being shocked from this height.

Sin Cheng market

In addition, this is the gathering place of Meo Trang, Meo Hoa, Dao Trang and Giay ethnics which makes a beautiful harmony of costumes. You will feel interested when watching people gather together to talk and chat.Not long ago, Sin Cheng was still isolated from the outside. On the way from Sapa to here, you will have to cross pristine scenes which haven’t been destroyed by human.

Muong Hum market

Going farther you will come to Muong Vi Cave with the limestone systems are like Ha Long Bay.Located near China border, Muong Hum is the most distant market but with the best scene in Sapa. The ethnics come to this market are: Ha Nhi, Phu La, Dao Den, Giay, Meo Do, Meo Den. Because of distance, you will hardly meet tourists here and this makes the atmosphere so peaceful and quiet.

Things to be considered before going

Taking photos

The first thing you need to remember is that although these markets don’t ban tourists, you are here because of their hospitability, not their responsibility so respect them, ask them before taking photos.


Tourists tend to buy brocade and it takes a long time to complete a piece of brocade so don’t hesitate to pay.


With rough topography like Sin Cheng and Lung Khau Nhin, you should wear sport shoes and prepare to explore. The weather in Sapa is rather erratic so remember to bring a raincoat and a coat with you.

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